ArcGIS Online Publishing Shapefiles and Layers

Discussion created by JeremyMurfitt on Sep 18, 2013
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I need advice!!  I use ArcGIS Desktop, for one client I have car sales every month. They send me an excel spreadsheet, I import it into ArcGIS into a shapefile and I have about 80 "layers" each with there own specific definition query and symbology. Works well as all set up and within minutes of completing the import I can analyse the data as necessary. Either I am at their office or they like pdf's. I would like to give them "on line access" and therefore keen to move to ArcGIS Online.

Publishing the shapefile straight forward (even better if you didn't have to zip it) but there doesn't seem any easy way to re-create the layers I have set up in Desktop. I have looked at Map Packages and unless I am missing something doesn't seem to be straight forward either. Seems you can query in Map Explorer but again that is not as convenient for the client.

I have logged call with ESRI Help (UK) and to my surprise they didn't have an instant answer, "Looking into it".

I had the impression that ArcGIS Online was ideal for SME's who don't have the ArcServer resource, I am either misguided, misinformed or maybe just not doing something right.

Any help appreciated.