Projections and Extents?

Discussion created by cucinelli on Sep 17, 2013
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So I'm trying to modify the unique value renderer example and one thing I don't like is the projection of the US where the Canada US border is flat.

So I found this example of this code to add instead of the normal gray basemap from Esri.

It works in that it's something new but it's not in the projection I want.

I found the list of WKIDs but how do I find the extent to go with it?

extent: new esri.geometry.Extent({xmin:-20098296,ymin:-2804413,xmax:5920428,ymax:15813776,spatialReference:{wkid:3088}})
  var dynamicMSLayer = new esri.layers.ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer

Eventually I will use my own server but for now this is testing.

Thank you in advance,
James Cucinelli