arcgis bbox geometry, zooming issue

Discussion created by amegas on Sep 17, 2013
I'm a newbie to arcGis geosystem, but have worked eariler with the bing maps.

As I understand arcGis supports the WMS international standard (which may be used not only for arcGis, but for all geosystems).

But I don't understand how to zoom the map piece (tile) I'm creating via WMS service.

The bbox (Bounding Box) does use 4 variables for its work for getting the correct part of map. Also it's seems to be, that bbox is used also for the zooming.

But I don't understand the logic of bbox. How can I correctly use the zoom level for it?

I've tried to read the documentation of WMS at arcgis server, but didn't find useful information.

So, please help me with a piece of advice.