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Discussion created by pbrockhill on Sep 16, 2013
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I have just gone through the process of designing a set of MXT's for use within our company.  We have 100 or so users in the company and use 9.3.1 (we are going to finally move to 10.x in a few months, but i will have to redevelop the templates then if i need to and train all the GIS users in 10).  I have made landscape and portrait for A4, A3, A1 and A0.  We also have a special internal company font that i have used.

I haven't released the templates yet, but have been getting our main GIS team to use them for our tasks before release and they have issues with them.
The scale bar can sometimes get so long you can't find the end of it.  The text elements can do the same, and the legend can also do this, or loose it's patch sizes and just basically deform.

I have had the issue with ESRI and they have told me this is a bug and not fixed in 10 either and that i should use mxds for templates.  Has anyone else had this issue?

Has anyone else set up templates as mxds and how have you implemented that? 
do you just have to know your page size before doing any mapping and open the correct mxd?
Then how do you go about changing your map from one size to another if the client requests it, or the map requires it?
Any suggestions for how to run this with a large set of users of varying skill sets?? 

thanks for any help