Is a polygon's last vertex always equal to it's first?

Discussion created by pimpbuster666 on Jun 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by agray1
Hello guys. I'm having this doubt. A polygon will always have vertexes[0] and vertexes[vertexes.Count -1] equal?

I think so, but how can I be sure? The duplicate vertexes can be sometimes found in the middle of the array?


IPoint p1 = BuildPoint(0,0);
IPoint p2 = BuildPoint(0,1);
IPoint p3 = BuildPoint(1,1);
IPoint p4 = BuildPoint(1,0);
IPoint p5 = BuildPoint(0,0);

// add all

In this way (when I construct the polygon) I know that the last vertex is equal to it's first. But the main question remains: can I find these duplicate points to be in the middle of the point array?


IPoint p1 = BuildPoint(0,0);
IPoint p2 = BuildPoint(0,0);
IPoint p3 = BuildPoint(0,1);
IPoint p4 = BuildPoint(1,1);
IPoint p5 = BuildPoint(1,0);