Dynamic Workspaces in SOE

Discussion created by simon.uyttendaele-esribelux-com-esridist on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by matus

Are there any means to access the dynamic data workspaces setup for a map service from a SOE ?
The SDK documentation is very incomplete on this feature...

Since the data workspaces are not part of the MXD/MSD, there is no way to access them from the MapServer object.
I also did not find any way to retrieve those from the SOE's IServerObjectHelper except in serialized JSON format...

Please do not tell me to parse that JSON and re-create connections myself, this is like building an ArcGIS Server from scratch !

When I try to create a MapServer object myself, providing the parameters including "dynamicDataWorkspaces", it complains and says it is not a valid property.

So how do I (and how does the MapServer) manage the dynamic workspaces ?

Thanks for your insights