error in river connectivity in HEC Heo HMS

Discussion created by ajay_more on Sep 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by WalkerJeff59
Hello All,

I am getting error when I check data with HEC Geo HMS for modeling into HEC HMS.
The error log file shows the following error:
Checking project points [VIP points]...
  Checking VIP Point: Outlet1 x=784893.2932, y=4502612.2667
  End of checking point: name=Outlet1 oid=1 - PROBLEM: outlet point does not have right river connectivity.
End of checking project points [VIP points].

If I avoid this error and keep working forward HEC HMS doesn't show any schematic of the model.

I hope some one will reply soon.

Thanks very much.