Limit number of rings a circle polygon is made up of.

Discussion created by cblinnmrc on Sep 13, 2013
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ArcGIS Server 10.0 SP5
ArcGIS Javascript API 3.6

I'm passing a the geometry of a drawn graphic to a parameter in my Identify url.  Everything is working fine except when I pass the geometry of a polygon circle.  I'm pretty sure the issue is because I'm passing many polygon rings into the parameter and my service is not liking that.

Do I need to "generalize" my circle before passing it's geometry or can I limit the maximum number of rings a circle can have when being drawn?

Here's the workflow:

First I draw a shape.  Each shape references a geometry in a Draw toolbar I created.  For circle I am setting the drawing toolbar like so:


*Note, I did notice options can be passed in the activate, but cannot find those available options in the API.

I then create my url parameters on the "draw-end" event:

tb.on("draw-end", createSelectURL);

identifyURL + "&geometry=" + JSON.stringify(e.geometry) 

...and as I stated before, this works.

So, are my options just to generalize the shape geometry, or can I limit the number of rings before drawing the shape, or perhaps there is something I am not thinking of?

Any help is appreciated, and to all, Happy Friday!

Chris B.