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Discussion created by hamby80 on Sep 13, 2013
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This is a confusing one. I have two sets of data, my address points and the addresses for the phone numbers in my county. I want to compare the two to make sure I have all the phone numbers with an address in my address points and see what address points don???t have phone numbers. What makes this interesting is that not all of the address points I have will have a phone number to match and some of the addresses in the phone data are listed multiple times. The phone company data also does not list any road types only the name of the road. Businesses having more than one phone line but would only have one address point. I also have more than one address point with the same number and road name. 101 Main St for example could be an address point in all four of the cities in our county.   
What phone number address does the phone company have and I don???t have?
What address points do I have the phone company doesn???t?
Thanks for any help.