Using ArcGIS Online Web Maps/Apps to Collect Community Input

Discussion created by skruegerciviltechinc on Sep 13, 2013
My Scenario:

I want to set up a computer at a public hearing that runs an ArcGIS Online Web Application from my subscription account where citizens can choose from predefined editable point layers I've already created (EX Critical Safety Issue, Transportation Need) to place points in our project study area. I've already customized the point features with the attributes I want to collect (Ex: Date, Name, Address, Comment etc) in a FGDB in ArcCatalog.

My thought at first was to use a Web Map which allows editing of layers. However, Web Maps arn't very secure, a citizen could alter another persons comment and so on. Looking for a direction to take to best implement a data collection web app that allows users to choose my predefined editable layers without being able to click on other citizen comments and edit those as well.

In short, I'm looking for a more secure editable Web App template. The big application would be to post this web app on a website to collect the input of people who can't make it to public hearings. I apologize for the long winded question but does someone have a direction I can take? I may be overlooking some very obvious concepts of ArcGIS Online but I feel I should be able to do this. Thanks much for your help!