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Advanced Block Subdivision

Question asked by czoog on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by czoog
Hi All,

I have a question about block sub-division (regardless of type).  Is it possible to specify different minimum lot widths within the same block?  If I created a rule to generate a triangular (MIN, MAX, MODE) value for minimum lot width, could city engine feed this data to the minimum lot width value within the same dynamic block?

I am working on an Urban planning project that is using a Smart Code, typically lot width are specified as a min and max, and I like to skew the one way or the other with an average value.  Using just a lot min width, does not yield the best result, especially when using Skeletal subdivision.

On the surface, the answer looks like NO, but I'd love to hear if anyone has done this.