sequential id for each class which contain couple of hundred of points.

Discussion created by nadeem41 on Sep 12, 2013
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hello python hero and legends.
                                         i have more then 23 routes generated by using network analyst. later on, i have converted the route into point shapefile. new formed point shapefile have many hundred of points for each routes. i have created a  new column and i want to populate that column with sequential numbers for each point. a python script is available for such calculation but this scripts generates sequential number starting from 1st point to last one regardless the route class. i am looking for some advance calculation. i want sequential numbering for each route in new column. like
route type
1              point             1
1              point             2
1              point             3
1              point             4
2              point             1
2              point             2
2              point             3
                so on.
i need all this is a single python script.
looking forward your great contribution.

Nadeem Fareed