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Performance Analysis Issues

Question asked by matthysj on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by jrflannery
I am trying to run a Summarize Within analysis in a web map and am unable produce a result.  I am running the analysis on Polygon feature Map Service summarizing a point feature Map Service.  Both services are running from an enterprise ArcGIS Server hosted on a machine within my organizations network.  When I run the analysis I get an error like the following "undefinedSummarizeWithin failed.".  The analysis will produce an empty feature layer output in my ArcGIS online folder.  I believe that I have the analysis tool set up correctly.  I think the issue is with my inputs.
Will Perform Analysis tools work on Map Services?  (the option is available to perform analysis on map service layers, so hopefuly it would work and not require a feature service)

Will Perform Analysis work on map services that are not hosted from the cloud?  Mine is hosted onsite.

Thanks for the input.
- Jake