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Discussion created by SWMPC_GIS on Sep 12, 2013
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I have been using the free version of ArcGIS online for some time, now with the maintanence agreement I have the subscription version.  Now, I have questions about the overall set-up. 

HOME Tab: Can the public see this page without signing in? I'm dissappointed if they can't. 
GALLERY Tab/WEB APPS: I have a Group with two Apps that I wanted to show here and they don't.  I think its because of the action of REGISTERING THE APP, which I don't understand.

Is there a way to showcase Maps that have been put into a MAP GALLERY TEMPLATE, for example having 3 Groups, 1) NATURAL RESOURCE, 2) DEMOGRAPHICS, and  3) POLITICAL BOUNDARIES,  Each has maps regarding these subjects, so when people click on the App the Map Gallery opens from my subscription page? Or is this what I can do when I get the WEB APPS tab working? 

And under the GALLERY TAB/MAPS: This tab isn't very useful to me.  I'd like it to be a jump into maps organized under a subject Like the MAP GALLERY TEMPLATE app can do.  Unless someone has a suggestion how to use it? 

What might help me navigate my way through is to look at other peoples pages, any directions?
Thanks, Jill