import x y coordinates lat always 0

Discussion created by chrissy24 on Sep 11, 2013
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I am trying to import x Y coordinates into my gis map using 10.1. I have done this several times and it works with other tables. But for some reason it won't work with this table (extract see below). I have tried many things from copying the table into the table that work and copying its formatting. In the table of contents I can read everything and the points plot along the longitude values but the latitude valuse are always 0!!!! I made it work correctly once when I deleted all the other lines. at some point for some reason it worked. But I need the other info as well! Does anyone pleas have an idea what would help? I have really tried a lot already

Site  Reference  Lat Long
Achany Glen Dugmore et al. (1996) 57.983 -4.396
Beinn Eighe Dugmore et al. (1995) 57.63 -5.3

Any help would be appreceated.