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Tool executes from Toolbox but not from REST endpoint

Question asked by NeoGeo on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by NeoGeo
I have a tool in a geoprocessing service that executes from Toolbox, but not from the REST endpoint on 10.1.   In AGS 10.0, it executes fine from either.  The problem is "No module named PParams".  This is just a module in the same folder as the Tool ( and PParams.pyc). 

the code to import it is just
from PParams import pparams

I did a "print sys.path" to check and that folder is in sys.path.  

Any ideas why it cannot find the module when run through the REST endpoint?  At the moment, my guesses I am looking into are
1) That perhaps when 10.1 tries to package it up (have not been able to find any docs on exactly what it does), that it is leaving out some items, though that is only conjecture.
2) Some change in how the environment is handled in 10.1 that it could not find another .py file in the same folder as the tool script.