ArcGIS Server 10.2 Standard Workgroup limitations/details needed

Discussion created by popimor on Sep 10, 2013
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Ok, my colleague and I can't seem to get clear answers on a few questions over the phone/chat with ESRI, so I am posting it here in hopes of more concrete feedback. I hope these answers will also help others. We have each gotten a yes and a no to the exact same question, and don't want to spend $$$ on something that doesn't fit or exceeds our needs.
Thank you for your help in advance!

I am looking into getting ArcGIS Server 10.2 Standard Workgroup edition that works with SQL Express.
I intend to run a web accessible interface where users can explore map visualizations and download source data (shapefiles and associated tables) in some cases.

My details and things I am aware of:
- SQL express is limited to 10gb per database.
- My vector and tabular data is less than 10gb in total
- My imagery and GRID data is well over 10gb and will be used for visualization only at this point
- ArcGIS Server and SQL Express will be hosted on the same machine since the number of hits on the site will be minimal which complies with the licensing requirements for the Workgroup edition of ArcGIS Server
- At this point I only need read functions and download of data, no editing or analysis functions.

Here are my main questions:
1. Can a single web service access and display from more than a single SQL express database? If not, can there be multiple web services accessing different SQL databases hosted on the same machine under this license? Are multiple web services such as map services allowed on the same machine/license?

2. Can my imagery be stored outside of an SQL Express database and available for viewing within my web interface with my vector and tabular data therefore not being subject to the 10gb limitation? Is there another limitation I am not aware of?

3. Is the Imagery extension for ArcGIS server necessary for mosaicing and quick display of imagery? I recall using a script or third party solution for serving imagery with ArcIMS years ago that provided tiling functionality to decrease load times.

4. If it becomes necessary, will it be possible to share some specific imagery/GRID data with web users (assuming I am not beholden to the 10gb limitation)?

5. Can a single web mapping service access data from SQL Express database, Imagery, and a File Geodatabase at the same time and potentially allow this to be downloaded by a user?

6. Can I just host data to a map service using a file geodatabase and imagery and skip the SQL database?

7. If I just want to post a map service where people can view and download maps and data and a geodata service, do I really even need the Standard edition of ArcGIS server? Could I go with the Basic based on the limited functionality I need?

8. Is there a more limited upgrade cost as compared to purchasing an entire new license after having purchased a lesser licence?

7. Anything else I should take note of?

Thank you!