Lots and Footprints

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Though I have been in and out of CityEngine for a couple months now, I am still new to all of this.

Q: I have been developing some nice looking CGA codes for a variety of building typologies and have those placed on 'building footprints' from my imported GIS data for a suburban area (happy to post in a marketplace free as soon as available). In ArcMap, those footprints are on a separate layer from the lots (as I believe it typical in most city GIS data). Both the lot and footprint have a long list of attributes, visible in ArcMap attribute table.

I get how I can place a single family residential building CGA code on a footprint, and that populates, and I have another code for say grass, fence, trees (suburban filler) that I can apply to the lots. My question is how I can make these two geometries interact within CityEngine? Can I manipulate the 2-D geometries of the footprint and lot at all? They seem to be static shapes since they are from a GIS data set.

If I figure out how to manipulate the size or shape of the building footprint in CityEngine, can the features on the lot respond to this. In a way, it is like having a CE lot within a lot, and then having those interact. In the demos, there is only ever a lot, and a building is generally extruded from within part of that bounded area.

I am probably missing something obvious. Thanks in advance for any tips or advice. This might all be to vague, so let me know if I should post something images or CGA's.