A few questions about ArcGIS WPF, multi-touch, WFSs and editing, and licensing

Discussion created by schneeland on Sep 8, 2013

we (=me + 2 student developers) have just started working on the second iteration of a proof of concept application for interaction with geo-spatial content on interactive tabletops (Samsung SUR40 to be precise). In the last iteration we used Bing Maps and GeoServer, but there were some limitations in the former that motivated us to look for better GIS controls.

Although my general impression is that the ArcGIS WPF control will do the job, I could need a little help with a few questions that came up while researching the available documentation:

  1. Are there any limitations as to using ArcGIS WPF with multi-touch systems and the Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0? If I interpret that correctly, everything should more or less work via the MapGesture events?

  2. For Bing Maps we wrote a custom WFS-client to synchronize user-created data across multiple devices. My research here on the forums seems to indicate that there is currently not support for WFS/WFS-T in the ArcGIS WPF control. Is that correct?

  3. With regard to the latter: editing seems to require the use of feature layers; at least when we want to use some support from the control for this purpose. Is this correct or is there also support for editing on graphics layers (given that we do not want to use the widget)? Also: is the assumption correct that feature layers will require the use of ArcGIS server?

  4. Finally, regarding licensing: assuming I have my two developers working on the PoC on their own laptops, but testing on the multi-touch device, will two EDN licenses do? Also, assuming that we may need ArcGIS server at some point in time and maybe also locally cached base maps, will the standard licenses do or do we need a higher license class?

  5. Last one, just to make sure: there is not any kind of evaluation license for the ArcGIS WPF control, is there?

Best regards and thanks for any input,