merge the ???two CGA rules??? into one, in order generate and façade buildings together

Discussion created by hlzhang1022 on Sep 8, 2013
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Hi, Mat,

Need your quick help on CGA.

How to combine/merge the following ???two CGA rules??? into one, in order to easily extrude tens of buildings (20~85 m) and façade nicely, at same time?

Two rules are referred to ???GIS-Driven Buildings.cga??? (from ???Philadelphia???) and ???façade_04.cga??? (from the Tutorial ???Façade Modeling???).

[INDENT]Ideally, when all buildings extruded by the new rule (including ???GIS-Driven Buildings.cga???) into 3D, the rule also can ???dynamically??? façade all faces of those buildings (similar to front side by ???façade_04.cga???), which is based on many of the texture assets under the folder ???\assets\facades\???. 

Currently, ???GIS-Driven Buildings.cga??? is using ???random facade texturing??? via single photo asset, so that its outcomes are not nice, for urban model.[/INDENT]

Frustrated on their ombination for a while, and still not be able to get it done properly.

Wondering if you can spend a little time to modify/merge two codes ???

Many thanks in advance,