arcpy.getparameter type returned for multivalue changed in 10.1?

Discussion created by NeoGeo on Sep 5, 2013
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Can anyone confirm whether the variable type returned for multivalue parameters by arcpy.getparameter() changed in 10.1?

I run the same tool with the same parameters in ArcGIS 10.0 and 10.1 and the 10.0 version returns a Arcpy ValueTable object, but 10.1 is returning a list object (which breaks the tool). 

According to the 10.1 documentation here:
AND the 10.0 documentation here:
both should be able to return either a string, a Python list, or a ValueTable, but why would the exact same script return a different type of object if run in 10.1?

The line doing it is simply elemSet = arcpy.GetParameter(9)
On the next line if I do type(elemSet) I get different object types as noted above.  Anybody know any way to force 10.1 to return a ValueTable?