Map / Feature Services stalling when feature classes are emptied

Discussion created by DavidGreene on Sep 5, 2013
I am running ArcGIS Server 10.1 SP1 and just came across a problem with 2 map services that are published: 1 for feature creation/editing through an iPad application and the other for rendering multivalue symbology.

The services were working fine during developer testing.  Before we turned it over for field testing, I opened the feature class (housed in SDE SQLServer 2012) in ArcMap and deleted all of the development test features, resulting in an empty feature class ready for new features.

Skip ahead 36 hours ... when I checked the feature class for edits, there were no features created.  I looked at the 2 map services and they were both sitting at 16 of 16 instances in use.  I restarted the services but they refused to move from the "Starting ..." stage, never starting.  As soon as I added 1 feature to the feature class in ArcMap, the services started and operated perfectly.   There is another map service which utilizes the same feature class among other layers and it didn't have any problems.

Is there any reason why this would happen and how can I prevent it?  It seems to be limited to a map service that has only one layer and doesn't have any features to be drawn .. yet.  When turning this over to the client, we don't want "test" features to be in the database.

The feature class in question is your typical asset inspection layer that is sub-typed, with dates, text fields, and coded domains for various conditions based on the sub-type.

Any thoughts?