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Editing point features in a zipped shapefile

Question asked by skruegerciviltechinc on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by skruegerciviltechinc
My Scenario:

1) I've uploaded my zipped shapefile with a few traffic data point features to my web map

2) When I go to edit these point features (to add more to the map) the label under my point in the edit menu shows up as "New Feature"

3) I want this to be unique, I've labled the point features as "CONGESTION" (I'm indicating areas of traffic congestion) and would like the layer lable to read "CONGESTION" when I enter the Edit interface of my Web Map.

The end goal with this webmap is to provide a service at a public hearing so people can physcially come up to the computer and place points of "CONGESTION" on the street of interest. Would be helpful if the features were labled more uniquely in the Edit session of the Web Map besides being labled as "new feature".

Has to be an easy fix. right!?