Creating map and opening personal account

Discussion created by jaykappy on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by mminami-esristaff
I am doign some testing and running into frustrating results.

I tried to create a new map in a personal account. 
I add the base map and then a bunch of my own map services.
I save.

I can open this map EVERY time using my iPAD with ArcGIS Online app.
Cannot get it to work on a Samsung Note 10.1 with the ArcGIS online app.  wont open it.
I am also trying to open is via ArcGIS Explorer online.  But with mixed results.  I try on my local computer and it works fine.  I then try on one of the field laptops and it does not draw my Map services.  I opened ArcGIS online and login and messed around with stuff and finally got it to work on the laptop but then my desktop will not draw the Map Services...
But all the time it works great on the iPAD

I am most concern with the Laptops...why is it drawing the Map Services one time and then not another?

Can I have more than one user login into a Personal account?

Any ideas whats going on?  PC locking or holding the personal account via ArcGIS Explorer?  something else?