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GetTextSize method

Question asked by przemyslawt on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by agray1
following code will get me xSize and ySize, but as i zoom in and out i can see that text size stays constant, but size should be longer if i zoom out, if i understand right Size is in ppi(point per inch) so i'd need to know how many points in an inch depending on zoom level so that i can get correct text length, any idea how to get this?

double xSize = 0.0; double ySize = 0.0; display.StartDrawing(display.hDC, (short)esriScreenCache.esriNoScreenCache); ((ITextSymbol)textSymbol).GetTextSize(display.hDC, display.DisplayTransformation, text, out xSize, out ySize); display.FinishDrawing();