IExportColladaFile.MultiPatchToCollada AccessViolationException

Discussion created by a-subbotin on Sep 3, 2013
Hi, everyone.
I faced an AccessViolation exception while using the IExportColladaFile's MultipatchToCollada method. I try to save a textured multipatch geometry in Collada format.
Have to say that the exception occurs variously, and i can't to define the cause.
The multipatch geometry is generated by my application. And it's correct. I view it with the SceneControl in the form. Moreover i generate such multipatches and store them in the file geodatabase, and the MultipatchToCollada tool processes them with no exceptions.
Can't really understand the causes of the such method behaviour. In result it can save any textures. Sometimes one of them can be damaged. I think it's the last one that is saved while the method executes.
Would be very appreciated for any help.
Using ArcGIS 10.1. Develop with .NET.
PS. Sorry for my English... )