First time using and I am running into a few small glitches ... HELP? :)

Discussion created by veronicavanhof on Aug 31, 2013
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Good afternoon. I hope I am posting in the right place.
I am using ARCMap for the first time and we were told to recreate a map identical to one provided to us ... with very little instruction. This is an online class at my regular college, we have no professors on campus who teach this class so there is no opportunity to ask as we work.
I have created my map, but when switching between data and layout views, I will lose items ... and the title text that I entered, when I switch to layout view becomes enormous and unreadable but I cannot select it to edit.

I have inserted a legend and it looks pretty good, but when I tried to switch from portrait to landscape it disappears. How do I switch to landscape layout (which I know I should have done earlier) without it changing everything and losing things?

I am also directed to add a scale bar, which I did ... but the data is different than the data we are supposed to show ... how do I edit the text on a scale bar?

Sorry, I know this is a lot of info to throw out, but it's an incredibly frustrating program to try to figure out by yourself.

thanks so so much