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Creating services a nightmare in 10.1?

Question asked by NeoGeo on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by NeoGeo
I have some Python scripts as tools in toolboxes which were published as Geoprocessing Services for server based use ONLY in 10.0.  In every previous version of ArcGIS server, I could just right click in the GIS Server connection and click New Service.  In 10.1, with admin connection, I don't even have a "New" option to create a service.  Looking at the documentation here:
there does not seem to even be a way mentioned to create a geoprocessing service other than running each one as a Desktop tool, which they were never designed to do.  It would take me weeks just to enter all the parameters to run each one as a Desktop tool.  I looked at service definitions and it worked the same way  Did we really get screwed that bad in 10.1, or is there some simpler way to just create a service, which is something that used to be simple.