How do you change a published map?

Discussion created by j69354d on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by mvolz47
I created a simple map.  I copied the MXD file to a file location my map server seems to know about.  Then I went to the 'ArcGIS Server Manager' website running on my server and I navigated to 'Services' then 'Publish GIS Resource'.

I published the map okay, but now I want to update the published map.  When I open the MXD file in my map editor, make my changes (such as unchecking lines to hide them, and adding labels to the citie markers) and then save changes using general File-Save they are not showing up on the map rendering on the server using the JavaScript view of the rest/services (<server>/ArcGIS/rest/services/<map>/MapServer?f=jsapi).  I do not see a re-publish option in the Manager.

Once I publish a map, how do I change it on the server?  Do I need to delete the service and re-publish it?  I tried going into 'ArcGIS Server Manager'  and refreshing the map under 'Manage Services', but it has no effect.

The other thing, often the JavaScript rendering seems to ignore the lines I have checked and unchecked in my map editor.  If I vew my map using the ArcGIS.com option instead it seems to render with different lines hidden/shown.  I can't seem to find any kind of rhyme or reason to what is decides to show.