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Help with dojo floating pane

Question asked by betsyjsg on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by btfou
I'm having an issue using dojox.layout.FloatingPane. I create the floating pane using the following code:
        // add popup floating pane          var dock = new dojox.layout.Dock({           id: 'dock', style: 'position:absolute; bottom:0; right:0; height:500px; width:0px; display:none; z-index:0;'         }, dojo.create('div', null, dojo.body()));         //find size of the map so to get the best possible initial size for the user         var popX = map.width;         var popY = map.height - 30;         pFloatingPane = new dojox.layout.FloatingPane({           title: "Download Menu",           resizable: true, //allow resizing           closable: false, //we never want to close a floating pane - this method destroys the dijit           dockable: true, // yes we want to dock it           dockTo: dock,           style: 'position:absolute;top:100px;right:10px;width:275px;height:375px;visibility:hidden;z-index:999 !important',           id: "pFloatingPane"         }, dojo.create('div', null, dojo.body()));         dojo.connect(pFloatingPane, 'onFocus', function () {           dijit.byId('pFloatingPane').bringToTop()         });         //do the same for onShow         dojo.connect(pFloatingPane, 'onShow', function () {           dijit.byId('pFloatingPane').bringToTop()         });         pFloatingPane.startup();

When you click on a button, the floating pane is made visible on the map.

Everything works fine. The floating pane displays all the content it is suppose to. The problem I have is after I close the pane and then click on the button to open it again, its height increases. In fact it keeps increasing every single time you reopen the floating pane. Am I missing something that controls the size of the pane? I'm using the following stylesheets:
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/>     <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/>        .dojoxFloatingPane {          padding: 0 0 20px 0 !important;          border: solid 1px #769DC0 !important;          font-family: Arial, "Kimberley", sans-serif;          font-size: 14px;       }        .dojoxFloatingPaneTitle {          border: none;          padding: 5px 0 10px 8px;          height: 16px;          background: #ABD6FF url('') repeat-x;       }        .dojoxFloatingPaneContent {          border-top: solid 1px #769DC0;          font-family: Arial, "Kimberley", sans-serif;          font-size: 12px;       }        .dojoxFloatingMinimizeIcon {          width: 15px;          height: 15px;          margin-right: 6px;          padding-right: 6px;          background: url('') no-repeat 0 0;       }

Thanks for any assistance.