Token invalid after overwriting existing service

Discussion created by KathyJHenderson on Aug 27, 2013
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I am using ArcGIS server 10.1 (no SP1) on an Amazon Ec2 instance with Windows 2008 R2 with no Web Adaptor.  I am using ArcGIS server based token security with security applied at the server folder level.  The users are stored in the ArcGIS built in store.  I have a Flex application running under IIS on the same server with signed SSL certificates for both the Web App and ArcGIS server, with SSL enabled on both.  The Web app uses a .NET proxy page so all tokens are generated on the server, for 1 year using the Request IP.

All this works fine until a map service is overwritten from a remote workstation.  Then the token appears to become invalid and I have to generate a new one.  

Does anyone know how overwriting a service could invalidate a security token?  I do this with other servers all the time and have no issue.  The only difference here is that we do not have an arcmap licence on this server so we have to publish remotely instead of logging into the server and doing it locally.