PyScripter seems to be grabbing an arcinfo license

Discussion created by CCStormwater on Aug 27, 2013
Any time I start PyScripter it grabs our floating Advanced (arcinfo) license if it's available.  I'm not talking about when the script is actually running (we've solved the problem in that context).  I'm asking about when I'm only in the editor writing code.  In that context if my code has an "import arcpy" line in it then it actually checks out the license as soon as I start PyScripter and without any code execution started.  I'm assuming that this is happening when PyScripter is getting the code-completion (intellisense) data, though I'm not sure. 

We have successfully resolved forcing a command line executed script to use an arceditor license by putting a "import arceditor" line prior to the "import arcpy" line; (See:  Accessing licenses and extensions in Python)
import arceditor      # Standard level license
import arcpy

HOWEVER, the PyScripter editor itself seems to ignore this.  The code I'm using does not need arcinfo.

In short, how can I force arcpy to only take a Standard (arceditor) level license no matter the context?

Has anyone else had this problem?  Any thoughts?

[Win 7-64 SP1, Arc 10.1 SP1, 64-bit background geoprocessing installed, license mgr is 10.1]