How to extract values from a table (or raster pixel) in ModelBuilder

Discussion created by ccero001 on Aug 27, 2013
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Hello everyone, my name is Cris and I'm a student just getting into this world of Arcmap and Modelbuilder. I am trying to use maximum and minimum temperature values to solve for a very simple equation. The temperature values come from a raster image. Although I've searched, I have not been able to find a straight forward way of extracting the min and max temperature values (or any other value for that matter) from the raster or the accompanying attribute table. I have been able to look at the values (through the statistics tools) but that would only allow me to "hard code" a value for a single raster image. The goal is to be able to extract the min and max temperature values as an intermediate step and then use these values as further inputs of the model, then run the model over several of the temperature rasters. Anybody have any leads or ideas on how this can be accomplished? Thank you in advance for any help you may offer, take care and be safe.