Spatial Filter "Enter" and "Exit" not working properly?

Discussion created by s.kuensteresri-de-esridist Employee on Aug 27, 2013
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Hi all,

I do have a simple polygon representing a geofence and I want to be notified if a person moves into this geofence and leaves it, too. Thus I created an AGOL Hosted FeatureService containing the geofence, an AGOL Hosted Tracking Service which is included in an AGOL web map for using with ArcGIS Collector App. I set up a GeoEvent Service with Tracking Service as Input, a spatial filter ENTER using the given geofence and an Output sending me a notification e-mail.

As soon as a person enters the Geofence an e-mail is sent, but instead of stopping sending e-mails, each time the person moves INSIDE the geofence an e-mail is sent. When this person moves from inside to OUTSIDE the geofence the ENTRY messages stop but no EXIT message is sent.

Who can help me?