Old  API reference pages and layerInfos copyrightText

Discussion created by amarsden on Aug 27, 2013

I have a site that used


To return the © text of a sublayer - I am sure it worked before.  It is a minor part of my site but now it is broken.  I was trying to find the old API reference pages to see if copyrightText was ever returned - it isn't listed as being returned, but I have a feeling it never was LISTED as being returned, but at some earlier version it was actually returned.   I have had a quick try with a 1.6 sample I could find, and changing the API all the way to 2.8 and I can not find this ever working, yet I am convinced I got it working.

Am I losing the plot here?


EDIT - I *think* I have removed a chunk of code on the init function of my site that used a loop to query the REST of each service to return details (I do this for descrioption)  adding the returned value to layerInfos as a new attribute then gets it returned later on.  I seem to recall cleaning up some code - I must have been over zealous.