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Metadata on ArcServer 10.1

Question asked by amouton on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by amouton
I have read:
which has a part about "The metadata is also available to web developers using a REST request. Developers can append /info/metadata to the end of a service's REST URL to get an XML file containing all the service's metadata. Developers can parse this metadata and present it to the end user of the service in the desired format."

Now what I don't seem to find anything about is if there is actual metadata at the layer level.  So if I publish a service that contains layers.  These layers have FGDC metadata associated with it.  Is there a way to see the FGDC metadata online or have access to the metadata through coding (using Javascript).  It is extremely important to provide basic metadata for the layers and having it accessible through ArcServer makes perfect sense to me.