Data security in non-public maps in older public accounts.

Discussion created by huffmanp on Aug 23, 2013
I made some maps in my account to help some contributing agencies that can't get desktop ArcGIS. I made the account and maps before the account policy change of March 2013.  I was able to sign up for free, create a user group and restrict the maps to this group.  After the account policy change, I was unable to make new non-public maps but I could still modify my old maps and my old maps still seem to be non-public. 

Recently, I was getting pressure from USFW about making sensitive ESA data vulnerable to hacking and public display by having any kind of web access.  I responded that often the biggest security weak points in these efforts is personnel.  Do we trust our personnel not to leak representations of this data?  If not, the ArcGIS Online map is not our problem. We'd better keep researchers away from this species as well, and hope for the best for its recovery.  But it left me wondering, how secure are the ArcGIS Online Groups?  Especially for an account like mine that seems to only have non-public maps because the account was set up before March 2013.  Have there been successful hacks?