Pythron wrapping VBA for non-VB access

Discussion created by NDC on Aug 23, 2013

I am jumping into coding and interface development.  We are looking to develop an interface that allows non GIS-aware users to perform queries in the GIS using a simple one button and drop down interface.  I have very little code experience and that is limited to querying and model builder adjustments using Python and SQL. 

My coworker is a VBA wiz and I am looking to use her talents in order to develop this interface since she has done one for another utility database.  This interface will be posted to a Citrix location where all those within county firewall can access.  This is where the issue comes in.

My local instance of Arc can run the VB Editor and Macro but the Citrix versions, which all those who will use this map and toolset will be on, has the VB Editor disabled.  Getting it enabled is not a possibility.

If we develop the interface in VB Editor, can we wrap it in Python, introduce it through the Python Add-In Wizard and have those machines in the Citrix environment still recognize it and run it?