Changing basemaps causes pop-ups not to work

Discussion created by etylerNwwsd on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by russell_roberts-esristaff
Hello. Not sure if this is the place to post this but I am going to ask anyways. So we have the ArcGIS for ipad app. I have a few maps published to our online account. I have configured pop-ups for our layers. They work fine until you change your basemap. then it seems to break the pop-up. After we change our basemap. and you touch a layer with the pop-ups config. all you get is the coordinate box and the pop-up no longer works. You have to sign ou then sign back in. but once you change your basemap again it breaks the pop-ups again. Is this a bug or is anybody else having this issue?