Failed to publish globe service on ArcGIS Server. Error 001369

Discussion created by ligia.gafitescu on Aug 21, 2013
I'm trying to publish a globe service on our ArcGIS Server and in ArcGlobe I get this error message "Failed to publish service.
---> Went to Results:
[h=1]001369 : Failed to create the service.[/h]
[h=2]Description[/h]The creation of the service failed. This is a generic error. Many different conditions could cause this failure. Check the server logs for the specific issue.

[h=2]Solution[/h]Check the server logs for the specific issue.

--> Went to ArcGIS Server Logs:

[TABLE="class: esriLogTableForPrint"]
[TR="class: esriOddRow"]
SEVERE22.08.2013, 10:15:20Failed to construct instance of service 'glob_4.GlobeServer'.Server[/TR]
[TR="class: esriEvenRow"]
SEVERE22.08.2013, 10:15:20Failed to initialize server object 'glob_4': 0x80030003: nullServer[/TR]
[TR="class: esriOddRow"]
SEVERE22.08.2013, 10:15:20(null)glob_4.GlobeServer[/TR]

Unfortunately I really don't know how to solve that. The service is published (I can see it on the server) but apparently it cannot start. So thanks for any advice.

PS: We use ArcGIS Server 10.1 on Linux