Help with Citizen Service Request 10.1

Discussion created by jwhayes76 on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by zj_zou

I've been working with the Flex API for a while now, so I'm not completely new to development with the ESRI APIs.  However, I'm trying to get the CSR app up and running, but having a problem.  The app sits and "spins" at the splash screen.  I can see my basemap in the background and my feature layers are visible only for  moment then disappear, all the while the app is attempting to load (that's what I mean by spinning).  I've configured the:

  1. URLs for the basemaps (tiled basemaps)

  2. Set the initial map extend ("-123.000, 45.487,")

  3. Set operational layers (Feature Service, mobile service, and related table)

  4. Added our geocoder service

  5. Added our geometry service

  6. Configured the proxy settings (this is an area where I'm unsure)  The example in the help says that it should be "http://<yourserver>:6080/ArcGIS/rest/services".  But we're already running the server through a proxy server (mtbachelor) which removes the "yourserver:6080" portion. I've tried using both.

I duplicated the GDB schema exactly on our SDE server.  Everything has the same name and field schema.  The only difference is that I'm using a line feature instead of a point.