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Loading Map thumbnails from secured ArcGIS Server

Question asked by Codepool on Aug 21, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by arronlee
Hi Forum,

I am building an iOS App that provides a selection of multiple maps including a thumbnail to every map.
If a user clicks one, this map is loaded to the mapview.
Before the server was secured, i retrieved the name of the thumbnail from the Map-JSON i retrieved from the server, built the right URL (like http://<server>/arcgis/mobile/content/items/<THE_MAP_ID>/info/thumbnail/thumb_mapname.png) and fetched the thumbnail manually.
However, since the server is secured this method does not work, because i need the credential to access this server-area.
Loading maps etc. with the credential works fine.
Is there any possibility to load the thumbnails via the ArcGIS iOS SDK?

Thanks in advance.