Web map applications and different roles within the organization

Discussion created by Staffanstorp on Aug 20, 2013

As administrator for an ArcGIS online organization account I created a Web map application (a MapTour) that is intented to be updated/managed by two other members of an specific group. These members cannot be administrators!! I have been reading and it seems that only the member that creates the application can make changes to it. Is that right?

I guess than in many organizations the administrator (the GIS people) is given the role to develop webmap applications (because of the complexity of the proces) to later delegate the responsability of managing/updating it to other members, maybe the owners of a group(as in my case).

Q1. How can they update the information then?

I tried to update the information in the webmap the application is based on (using one of their accounts) and eventhough I succeeded to update the webmap, these updates were not reflected in the webmap application. 

Q2. What is the best solution for my problem??