Weighted Overlay Tool - Is this correct?

Discussion created by sellingfloe on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by aimong
I have used the weighted overlay tool to produce a suitability raster.

I have reclassified all of my datasets to a suitability scale of 1 - 5 (1 being least suitable, and 5 being most suitable). However, when I run the weighted overlay tool, my suitability image only shows values for 2 - 5. Is this because there just are no areas with suitability value of 1, or have I made a mistake somewhere? When I run another image through the model, I get values for 2 and 3, but not 1, 4 and 5.

I have input all of my reclassified rasters, given each a scale value of 1 - 5 (matching my suitability values) and used the evaluation scale of "1 to 5 by 1". Is this correct?