DDP to GeoPDF - layer name/rename?

Discussion created by mantraboy on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by johns
I have a series of 30 topo basemaps with various data layers I've created a DDP layout for, and it appears to export fine to a single pdf and the layers are there without issues. 

However, when viewing in adobe and selecting the layer tab, it displays 30 drop downs all with the same XXXXXXX.tmp file heading, all of which contain the exact same layers.  It seems it created a new tab for every page, which seems redundant, but adobe allows you to only view the current page layerset, so that provides a band aid type fix.

Is there any way to rename all those XXXXXX.tmp file headings in Acrobat, or better yet an option so that when DDP exports to a geopdf that it uses the index page name (in this case the topo quad names) instead of 30 instances of an identical random tmp file name?   I tried looking at various settings for the DDP or arcpy.mapping script functions but didn't see anything that looked like it would accomplish this.

Thanks in advance