ArcGIS Developer account questions

Discussion created by timw1984dev on Aug 19, 2013
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I have recently created an ArcGIS Online developer account and after testing it some time I had a couple of questions"

1) I am able to log into the ArcGIS Collector app on my IOS device, but I am not able to log into the ArcGIS app. When I use my credentials it is loading and then it goes straight back to the login screen, asking. When I try it with my free public account it gives me an error saying "username or password incorrect", which it should say since it is not an organizational account. But there is no error with the developer account.

2) I have uploaded a feature service through ArcGIS Desktop. Once uploaded I was looking to activate the ability to add attachments, but I was unable to find where I can do that. When I had the trial version of the ArcGIS Online Organization account I was able to do that.

Any help would be appreciated!