ArcGIS (ArcObjects) 9.3 C++ Cross platform SDK Wiindows 7 support

Discussion created by lenduha on Aug 18, 2013
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Hi all,

First of all sorry for the cross-posting [1], but I am not sure about the way I should follow. I am new to ArcGIS and developing an application by using ArcObjects 9.3 MapTool with Qt. My development environment is based on Visual Studio 2010 runs on Windows XP Service Pack 3. Moreover, Qt SDK 4.8.2 installed on my development machine. I can successfully compile and run my application on my development machine. Of course debug libraries are not included with the ArcGIS, both Release and Debug mode compilation works well on my development machine. Everything is fine, until the time when I wanted to migrate my application to Windows 7.

I installed ArcGIS Engine Runtime on two Windows 7 machines (one is a virtual machine with 64-bit Windows 7 and the other is real PC with 32-bit Windows 7 on it). Then, I copy required dlls in order to run the application (I have been running my app with by this way). The licence check procedure is okay and I can see the result of initialize routine within my code. However, whenever the code reaches to
QAxCtl mapWnd = new QAxCtl(AoPROGID_MapControl, &mapctl, Map Control");
, my application crashes without any clue. The result was same for two different deployment as I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. Th strange part is the same deployment strategy works well on another Windows XP SP3 machine other than original development machine.

I know there is not information about the issue, but I am not even sure about the usability of ArcObjects 9.3 and Qt on Windows 7. If it is possible, then I appreciate any help in order to narrow down the possibilities.

[1] http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/68834/arcgis-arcobjects-windows-7-64-bit-support