How to find ArcGIS.com Gallery from organizational account?

Discussion created by Rizbee on Aug 15, 2013
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I work with a large number of first-time GIS users, providing technical support to university classes that use ArcGIS.com to provide GIS enhancement to non-GIS content courses.  In the past we had the students create free accounts and we added them to groups we created for each course.  Now we will be creating organizational accounts for these students.

With the old free accounts, the Map Gallery that users saw included examples from a wide variety of ArcGIS Online users and was a great place to send students to see the many topics that GIS could be applied to.  With the organizational accounts, our students are limited to seeing only maps from our organization in their Gallery. 

We have some good maps for them to look at, but would prefer to be able to show students the public Map Gallery.  Is there a way this can be done?

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Allen Risley
GIS & SPSS Support, IITS
California State University San Marcos