Which forum for 3D analyst???

Discussion created by jt7747 on Jun 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2010 by Dan_Patterson
I haven't been to this site for a while, but now I'm back with a question about ArcScene.

I'm absolutely stumped as to which forum it should go in. ESRI's claim to have simplified things is utter nonsense: putting myself in the shoes of a new user I'd be even more baffled. Why no ArcScene? Is it a Product, a Function, a Community, or even a Solution? It's just beyond me how ESRI can claim to have put serious effort into these new forum categories.

Have they actually tested them with new users? Is there any evidence this new system works, or are we just going on the whim of some big headed developers who've got new ideas to implement. It's a disaster.

Anyway, please tell me which is the ArcScene thread because I sure as hec can't find it. 'Imagery and Raster data' might be the closest, but it still ain't right. Besides, a new user who doesn't even know what raster data means will struggle to decode that title. Furthermore, ArcScene is good for plenty more than raster data, which leads me to think there must be a secret ArcScene forum where I can ask my question.

Can anyone help me find it? Thanks