ESRI and Claims Authentication Support

Discussion created by uwfsma on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by mbalcarek
Hi ESRI Support,

I have few question related to security/authentication in the �??ArcGIS Web Adapter/Portal�?� - on premise version of ARC GIS 10.2.

The requirement is to support SSO between ARG GIS and other enterprise applications (like SharePoint). I can see that the online version of ARC GIS 10.2 (ArcGIS.com) supports SAML based claims authentication and can be easily configured to provide SSO using products like Microsoft ADFS. However, the on premise version (ArcGIS Web Adapter/Portal) of the same doesn�??t seem to support SAML based authentication. My questions, in this regard, are below:

�?� Is it true that on premise version of ARC GIS does not support SAML based authentication? Is there a way to turn this feature ON?
�?� Is ARC GIS (on premise) built using ASP.NET. If yes, can we use WIF (windows identity foundation) to configure its web.config to use claims authentication instead of windows authentication?
�?� Is there any way where we can provide SSO with between on premise ARC GIS and other applications which are claims based?
�?� What all authentication mechanisms does ARC GIS support other than windows authentication?